About Montgomery Historical Society

"Montgomery, Texas, holds a very special and dear place in my heart. As the great, great, great-granddaughter of the Dr. Charles B. Stewart, our family rejoices to see how the citizens of Montgomery are keeping history alive through many celebrations and special events honoring our ancestor and the many other patriots who have made their place in Texas History" 

                          - Pat Spackey

The Montgomery Historic Society's mission is to preserve the history and culture of the City of Montgomery, Texas for generations to come. The Society was established in 1954 when Anna Weisinger first opened her newly-renovated home, The Magnolia. The Society now owns and maintains seven historical buildings, hosts private tours, and organizes annual fundraising events.

The Society receives public donations and grants, plus funds raised at events such as the annual Christmas in Historic Montgomery and the Voices from the Past.

Explore our the site to find out more information on upcoming events, historic sites, private tours, and volunteer opportunities.

Board Officers:

President: Billy Ray Duncan

Active Vice President: Donald Duncan

Treasurer: Shirley J.  Schneider

Recording Secretary: Brenda Beaven


Board Members: 

Brenda Beaven

Dudley Beaven

Mary Eckhart

Bea Rouse

Eva Rains

Correspondence Secretary: 

Marlene Lippke

Press Contact:

Bea Rouse